At the end of 2015 it was estimated that 90% of UK businesses would be using at least one cloud service. nTrust systems believe that cloud computing offers great benefits. We work with businesses to establish a company's needs before offering tailored packages.

Why use cloud services?

Cloud computing is cheap and convenient. You can expand and decrease your bandwidth, and storage, as needed. Businesses can access specialised business software through the cloud and update multiple licenses at the same time. Cloud computing is built for collaboration, allowing team members to edit and share documents, from anywhere in the world. Most services offer daily-back ups, ensuring disaster recovery and allow you to access your data from anywhere with an internet connection.

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Hosted desktop

nTrust have the knowledge and expertise to match your business requirements to the right service. We consider the software applications your business runs and the amount of disc space and processing power you need. A hosted desktop allows you to work from anywhere with an internet connection. All your applications and data are backed up daily.

A hosted desktop environment is centrally managed, so it is perfect for businesses that want to streamline their operations, monitor employees and maintain control over security and updates. A hosted desktop is robust, resulting in reduced system crashes and cost of ownership. nTrust ensure that you have the right amount of bandwidth on your hosted desktop so your systems are not running too slowly or that you are not overpaying for what you don't need. All backups are hosted in a secure data centre, eliminating the fear of data loss.


Private Cloud

We have been providing private cloud services since 2008. We believe our choice of datacentre and vendors to be second to none, making our private cloud offering extremely strong. Calling upon our extensive knowledge, we find out where your data is being held and provide all the information your compliance officer requires.


Office 365

A subscription service giving access to the latest version Microsoft Office without the initial capital outlay. There is a licence for every kind of company or individual, from just emails (business class Outlook) to a licence comprising email and the MS Office Suite.


Automated off-site online backup

We all worry about losing data. Our encrypted online backup keeps a daily copy of your data to give you peace of mind, and ensure your business is compliant with government mandates.
Your data is encrypted with military grade AES-256 encryption and stored in a secure Surrey datacentre. Your data can be swiftly restored in the event of your server, pc or laptop failing or being lost or stolen.


Keep your website safe

We offer a reliable website hosting service. Options include a daily back up of your websites files and database, at a time that best suits you. Daily backups are essential for those websites using content management systems. All backups are stored in a state of the art Surrey datacentre. Small restores can be completed immediately, large volumes of data can be copied onto an external drive for collection in person. Our enhanced service offers back ups lasting three months.


AntiVirus software

We offer the latest business-class antivirus software to protect every device in your business from infections such as viruses, spyware and malware.

Use the software’s advanced features to control risk by changing log-ins, use web filtering to restrict websites visited (eg shopping, leisure), restrict use of social media websites and monitor browsing.



nTrust FileCloud is a secure and user-friendly solution designed for syncing your files across all your devices and sharing files with colleagues or teams.
It offers seamless syncing between iPhone,Android, PC and Mac, giving you access to your data wherever you are, and from all of your devices.
Data is UK-based, encrypted and
meets the highest standards on industry data compliance.

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Cloud Services

At the end of 2015 it was estimated that 90% of UK businesses would be using at least one cloud…

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