Would Laptop Failure Stop your Business Dead?

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Field of work: Finance

Number of employees: Sole trader

Improvements and Benefits:

  • Minimal business interruption when his laptop failed
  • A daily back-up of all data allowing full system restore
  • Encrypted backups stored in a Tier3+ secure UK datacentre

The problem

An Interim Finance Director had a wealth of clients consisting of many corporations and large companies. Appropriate protection of his clients' confidential data was always on his mind. On the day his laptop failed, his work came to an abrupt halt. He could not access any of his client data, causing him immense frustration and unplanned delays, at the worst possible time for his business.

How we helped

After repairing his laptop, our client subscribed to nCover Silver, an IT support package designed and priced for small businesses like his. Unbelievably, the laptop failed a second time almost a year later. This time, his nCover ensured that he received priority assistance. We replaced a failed hard disk, restored all his data, and returned the laptop to him by start of business the following morning.

The benefits to the business

Having previously worked within large corporates with in-house IT departments, he now enjoys similar support from nTrust. All his devices are covered by antivirus software and his data is backed up online daily.

Now having upgraded to nCover Gold, our client receives a range of benefits, including Microsoft Office 365, which has boosted his business. He heartily recommends nCover to others.

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What our clients say...

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If your business would struggle if your desktop or laptop failed or was lost or stolen, call us to find out about nCover. A product designed to get you up and running again with minimal business interruption.